Weekend Favorites: Giving Back, Recycling and More! 11/27

Ok... again, a little late with my Friday favorites (so let's call them weekend favorites today). We spent Thursday having a low key Thanksgiving and we spent Friday setting up our Christmas Tree because we are taking all the joy we can find in 2020. Am I right?

Here is our beautiful Christmas tree!

Here are some things I found this week that I wanted to share with you:

On a hunt for fun advent calendars, I found this reverse advent calendar from Penny Pincher and it seems like a wonderful idea. I'm hoping to pull this together with the kids this year.

My husband and I disagree on the life of a CD (don't worry, honey - I'm not recycling your CDs) but this article of the afterlife of CDs is amazing.

Are the quarantine days of home cooked dinner and fresh homemade bread over?

Thanksgiving is a great time to learn more about the indigenous people where you live. Do you know what tribe (or tribes) lived in the area you live now? Also, this article about what an indigenous land acknowledgement is worth a read.  

DIY Front Door wreaths - I'd love to put up a peace sign this year.

Also, stay tuned. I'll posting my first Gift Guide of 2020 later today. I promise. ;)

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