Friday Favorites: Recipes, Netflix and More!

I'm a day late for Friday Favorites - but I'm still posting it! I'm trying to get back into this. I promise. I'm working hard on Christmas Gift idea lists and other content and I really do need the outlet. It's just so much is happening --- all the time. Which sounds strange to say during a global pandemic when we mostly just stay home. But it's the weight and pressure of all that is happening out in the world that seems to make me feel busy.

How's fall treating you?

Hope you all are doing ok and are safe. I've managed to pull together some links from the week for you to enjoy.

I stumbled across this post and while I look forward to making Yiayia's Pot Roast - the whole post is endearing and worth reading all the way through.

I'm watching House of Flowers on Netflix and just LOVING it.

Board games can be fun when you're stuck inside with your family (hello, 2020) but good games for only 2 players can be a challenge to find. Here is a list to check out.

Spice up your pop playlist.

This little tailorbird sewing its nest together is pretty cute.

Happy weekend, friends!

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