Friday Favorites: Houses, Science and more! 9/4

 Folks, it's SEPTEMBER. 2021 is creeping up as quickly as possible and I am sure we are all hoping for a MUCH better year. I'm looking forward to the long weekend and the kids getting a little break from what has been some intense distant learning. I am excited because they are actually working and learning -- but it still hasn't been easy. 

So to kick off the long and much needed Labor Day weekend - here are some of my favorite finds for the week.

Doris Day's Carmel Valley house is for sale. And it looks lovely.

Emily's Wonder Lab. This Netflix show is really cute. Fun science experiments and the host is a woman who is 9 months pregnant. I'd love to try some of these experiments at home when we have the time.

We got a new game - that the kids love because you get to play in the dark and it's great for learning about shadows and how/why they cover certain areas. 

Best things I bought during a pandemic. haha. I LOVE this. Like many others, I purchased a Peloton. I really wanted to purchase a motorhome but my husband talked me out of it. What have you bought because of 2020?

Not for kids - but Jonny and I have watched a few episodes of The Watchmen on HBO. And OMG. If you need a recommendation for a scary crazy adult TV show - this is it.

I found @mrsdowjones on Instagram and love the memes.

Happy weekend. Hope you find a place where you can get a little break - but stay safe and keep your distance from folks. I know we are going to try. 

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