Books for a New School Year

So... here we are it's August. And no matter what school starting looks like for you... homeschooling, distance learning, in-person learning... it's a perfect time to add some new books to your kids bookshelves.  Plus today is National Book Lovers Day! There are some really great ones that can help with learning at home - if that's what you are doing. We start distance learning officially on Thursday - but I am going to have the kids "start" with me tomorrow to ease back into a routine.

These are some of the amazing books that we are looking forward to reading as they come out over the next few months.

Finish the Fight!: The Brave and Revolutionary Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote

She rides like the Wind: The Story of Alfonsina Strada

Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away

Girl on a Motorcycle

The Story Orchestra: Carnival of the Animals

Love is Powerful

Every Color of Light

Has anyone else been mass purchasing books during the pandemic? Its hard to get anything specific from the libraries here and my kids are reading like crazy! Not a bad problem to be having at all. I will always spend money on books.

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