Secluded Family Vacation in Mendocino County

Our family managed to get away for a few days after pretty much being in our house for over 3 months straight. It was a big deal. I've been pretty much an anxious mess during most of this pandemic. But we found an area that we figured would be pretty secluded and found a place that was taking some great precautions. I needed a change of scenery for my sanity.

We also had some family staying near by - and this provided a chance for us to hang out for an outside socially distanced meal.

We booked a cabin at the Philo Apple Farm and it was a perfect escape. They hold the rooms for 72 hours between stays and are big on cleaning (they leave cleaner spray and hand sanitizer in the rooms for your use) and they require you wear a mask when near anyone on the farm (and they do too.)

They have 3 cabins open in total and only one of the other ones was booked while we were there. They gave us a delicious breakfast every morning and the kids loved the dogs, cat, goats and chickens on the farm. The kids got apple juice every day and they have a little farm stand worth checking out too. It was a great place to stay.

It also has a great location - right next to Hendy Woods State Park. Hendy is an awesome place to explore with kids and has trails large enough for strollers and wheel chairs. Hendy Woods State Park has an enchanted magical feel. The redwoods are amazing and there are lots of spots where the kids can climb on them or walk through them.

We also drove about a 1/2 hour down the windy road to Greenwood State Beach in Elk -- and found a pretty empty beach for the kids to explore (there was maybe one other family at one point.) It was so amazing for the kids to be able to run around the water edge.

We picked up dinner one night from Lauren's in Boonville and ate it on the picnic bench in front of our Apple Farm cabin. It was delicious.

It was only two nights away from home -- but an over all amazing experience. We are working on planning a secluded road trip  - 10 days at a few different Airbnbs in Northern California and Oregon. I'm really hoping that works out as planned.

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