New Year - New Kids Books.

I love children's books. I'm sure that long after my kids stop reading picture books I will still be buying them. I can't help it. Maybe it was watching all that Reading Rainbow as a kid. These are some of the new books for kids that I am looking forward to to start off the new year.

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The Perfectly Perfect Wish - We LOVE the illustrations of Jessica Courtney-Tickle and I preordered this book back in September! It will be released Feb 4 and I'm really looking forward to it.

The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande (The Unicorn Rescue Society) - The latest book in the Unicorn Rescue Society features a mythical (?) creature you might have heard of - the Chupacabras. We are going to start reading this series together as a family and I can't wait to get to this one.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Little People, BIG DREAMS series) - Just in time for Martin Luther King Day this year - the Little People, BIG DREAMS series is putting out a book on Martin Luther King, Jr. This is another I bought - since I didn't have any books on MLK already in my library.

Flamingo Flamenco - I know nothing about this book - but the cover has me wanting to see the whole thing. I know the art is going to be great.

The Elephants' Guide to Hide-and-Seek - If there is one thing an elephant isn't good at - it's probably hide-and-seek. Making this seem like it's going to be a hilarious book.

Purrmaids #7: Kittens in the Kitchen - This is a for Lucille. She LOVES these books. She hasn't read #6 yet, and I am trying to get her to read it on her own. Maybe this new one will be incentive for her to start it.

The Great Eggscape - The Good Egg book is a favorite in our house too... and this looks like its a perfect spring time edition to our library.

Remember for the ones that are available for pre-order on Amazon you get a pre-order price guarantee - meaning you get the lowest price that it gets listed for during the time from when you order it till when it is released. Not a bad deal if you know you want a book.

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