Spread the Biblophilia: Gift Guide 2019

I am so far behind. I'm not even sure who I still need to get presents for. Oh, and I had big plans for Gift Guides on the blog that obviously didn't pan out. But, if you are like me and behind on everything(!) - then you can still say thank goodness for Amazon or your local bookstore.

I love books and I love find ones for other people to love. So I'm spreading that love at Christmas time. Here are some recommendations for anyone on your list.

Cimemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies - This is great for movie buffs or atlas buffs or graphic design buffs. It looks so lovely. I secretly want a copy for myself. I'm buying this for someone. Just not sure who yet.

Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker - I've shared these Story Orchestra books a few other times - and I'll echo it again: my kids love them. I love that it introduces some good classical music to them. This book I'll be giving to my kids on Christmas Eve to add to their Christmas book collection.

A Die Hard Christmas - This is back ordered on Amazon - but maybe you can find it at a bookstore near you. Die Hard is one of my husbands favorite "Christmas" movies. (P.S. If you ask Alexa - she agrees with him that Die Hard (and Lethal Weapon!) are Christmas movies.

Anne Arrives - I am always looking for books that I loved as a kid that Lucille might like too - and Anne of Green Gables is one of those. This is a great starter series for beginning chapter book readers.

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump - I just can't stop laughing at this... maybe a good White Elephant gift ...in the right circles. ;)

From Crook to Cook - Considering Snoop Dogg's friendship with Martha Stewart -- this book is no joke. I want to eat Billionaire's Bacon every day and the "Go Shorty it's Your Birthday Cake" look bomb.

Mobituaries: Great Lives Worth Reliving - My husband and I used to watch CBS Sunday Morning all the time. And we love Mo Rocca. This has gotten some great reviews and while it is out of stock on Amazon... you might find it at a real book store still.

Drinking Animals Coloring Book - Maybe you've still got someone on your list who isn't that into reading. I love coloring with family during the holidays - we've done it in our family (kids and grown-ups) for generations. This looks like a fun one for the adults. Maybe get some pens to go with it!

What books are you gifting people this year?

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