Family Friendly Sacramento: October 2019

I can't believe it is October already. I'm all ready to start putting out the Halloween Decorations. I wanted to start a few days ago - but thought I should wait until October 1st. October is one of my favorite months and there is still lots to do! Here is what is happening around Sacramento this month that is perfect for the whole family.

October 4-6: Sacramento Greek Food Festival - This is where we will be this weekend. Lucille and Gus will be performing Greek dances at around 2pm on Saturday - and we will be eating, drinking and dancing much of the rest of the weekend. Come by and say hi!

October 5:  Cruise Fest - Gus is super into cars lately. He identifies all the cars that he can - is always asking questions about how fast cars go, etc. We've taken him to the Car Museum a few times and he loves it. He'd probably love something like this - where he could see tons of cool looking cars.

October 5: Build a Fire Plane DIY - A fun DIY event at Home Depot for Fire & Safety Month. Lucille has done one of these workshops and really liked it. Unfortunately, this one is at the same time as soccer - but it sounds like both my kids would have loved it! Check your own local store for dates and times.

October 5: Spookomotive Train Ride - These run all month from Oct 5 - Oct 27 and I'm telling you they are just as cool as the Polar Express train ride and like 1/100th of the price. Totally worth checking out if your kiddos love trains.

October 5-6: California Capital Airshow - Our kids have loved this show in past years and Gus' soccer team is called the Blue Angels this year -- so they have been talking about going again. It's the same weekend as our Greek Food Festival so it might be hard to pull off - but we will try to make it. It's a really fun event.

October 12: 2nd Annual Indigenous People's Day - I love taking the kids to festival and fairs that they can explore and learn about different people and cultures. This seems like it would be a fun one to go to.

October 19: Fall Festival at Arden Park - This is our local neighborhood Fall Festival that is back for the second year. We didn't make it last year but I'm hoping to stop by for a bit this year. 

October 19: Okapi Day - Celebrate one of the newest animals at the Sac Zoo - the Okapi! They will have some fun stuff happening to celebrate just free with regular admission. We love the Okapi!

October 26: Flick or Treat - A kids halloween event at Raley Field - I like how this one includes something other than just candy. They will be showing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Pretty inexpensive and sounds like fun!

October 26-27: Boo at the Zoo - We've done this a few times and I think it is great for little toddler age kids. At this point my kids want to go over to a friends house walk around the neighborhood and pass out candy. But we've had a great time at this event in the past.

October 30: Wee Halloween - An event for the little ones (3-5 years old) at the Crocker Art Museum. We are too old for this event now - but I hear it is great and sells out every year.

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  1. my kids are 2 and almost 1, so many of these things I read about last year and couldn't do. Maybe one more year and we can do these things. But these things sound super fun!

    Thanks for sharing.