New Books for a New School Year

We are at a point where reading is a big thing in our house. I'm spending a lot of time having Lucille read to me and encouraging her to try reading on her own. Gus isn't far behind. He LOVES reading and sometimes does it with out even knowing it. So we go to the library weekly -- and I buy new kid books at every chance I get.

So the new school year seems like a good reason to expand and change up the library in our house. These are some great new kid books that have either just been released or are coming soon. Oh, plus today is National Book Lovers Day! All the reasons to buy a new book!

A Stone Sat Still

Gus and the Greatest Catch of All

Who is the Mystery Reader? (Unlimited Squirrels)

Remy and Ruby's Rescue Ranch - Hee Haw Help

Good Night, Oliver Wizard 

Jane Goodall (Little People, Big Dreams) 

Ants Don't Wear Pants (By the author of The Real Poop on Pigeons) 

What's Cooking at 10 Garden Street? 

Any of these look interesting to you? I want them all!

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