Is that the sound of routine? Friday Link Round Up 8/16

We are a few weeks into the new school year... and a new normal routine is soo close I can smell it. Or hear it. Either way, I know it is coming... soon. We are back at one school and one drop off! But we still have two pick up times (Gus is in half day morning Kindergarten.) And we aren't quite used to it all yet. Plus now we have a holiday weekend, so...

So while we aren't in full on routine mode yet, it will be here soon and I can get back on a better routine of working (instead of doing all the work at night - in fact it is 9:19pm as I write this.) Anyways, school is going well and we are looking forward to a GREAT year.

Now, if you're kids are in school and you've got some free time -- here are my favorite finds from this week.

These Bala Bangles. I want a pair. Step up my walking game.

My favorite audiobooks that I've listened to in the past year or so.

This website is so internet basic. Sad Lunch Break. For when you're eating lunch at your desk by yourself and Instagram isn't cutting it.

We got this book from the library and I could only read 2 of the 4 chapters a night because I starting crying. I hope my kids find ways to make this world better like these kids did.

Happy Labor Day weekend - hope you enjoy the extra day!

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