Longest Day of the Year! Friday Link Round-up 6/21

Summer Break officially began last week and now we get to celebrate Summer beginning today. It's the longest day of the year. The peak of the "blue nights" as my kids call them. (when the sky is still kinda blue when they go to sleep.) This link round-up has more about Summer time and other favorites of mine that I've found in the last week.

Here they are:

Today is Shades for Migraine day. We are wearing ours.

Obsessed with sparkling water (like me?) It's all good.

How much time should you spend in nature everyday? I agree 100%.

And if you want to read my post on parenting with migraines -- that's here too.

This cookbook sounds like a great addition to my collection.

We are heading to Inn Town Campground this weekend and I think I'll finally do a blog post on it. This will be our 3rd year and we love it!

Happy weekend, friends!

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