Happy Leprechaun Hunting! Friday 3/15

St. Patrick's Day at our house is called Leprechaun Day. Because pretty much all the kids care about our the little mischief makers that might drop gold or chocolate and leave rainbows and a mess. I might try and think of some new tricky things that the leprechauns can do this year. Green toilet water and all.

Anyways - lots of favorites to share this week. Here they are:

I'm thinking of trying these yoga poses for bedtime with the kids.

Have you seen this scientific 7-minute workout?

I have ZERO time to actually binge watch anything -- but 'You' is next on my list. I watched the first episode this week.

Pairing Girl Scout cookies with wine. And if you decide you need a box or two after watching this -- we still have some.

McDonald's Happy Meals in New Zealand include a Roald Dahl book instead of a toy.

Speaking of McDonald's, Lent for the Greek Orthodox just started this week - who else has strong memories of eating McDonald's Filet O Fish during lent every year?

Speaking of New Zealand, we took Air New Zealand to London and loved it. We even got to see the rap safety video... which it seems some people didn't find as funny as I did.

Starbucks looks to change its rewards program.... and it seems too complicated to me.

Happy Weekend!

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