Happy Friday. And Thank you. Friday 1/11

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's International Thank You Day --- so just another great reason to say it. Thank for reading this blog - which I've been writing at for 10 YEARS. Wow. Just another crazy thing about 2019.

So far 2019 has been odd. I think I'm in a little bit of a funk and I am working on how to get out of it. Plus we have been putting some time and effort into making the guest house we've been living in for a year our own. And the kids are just normal crazy kids.

OK, so my favorite links for the week are below -- and the first 5 of them are my 5 most read blog posts from 2018.

Melomakarona - this is one of my favorite posts - so I am glad it is one of yours. I need to post more Greek recipes here.

Why all the changes at one year? - this post I wrote because I was a frustrated mom. haha. I guess most new (and veteran) moms know what that feels like.

Podcasts for Little Kids.

2018: The Year of Yes. - I didn't do so hot at my year of yes. I expect to be better at "lowering my expectations" this year. Although, that's kind of an oxymoron.

Travel Advice from Families that Travel.

And on to a few of my favorite links from other places:

Most googled beauty questions of 2018 - and #2 has to do with something I actually did last year. That makes me feel almost hip.

Controlling spending... Ugh. I actually find its pretty therapeutic to just add things to a shopping cart and not actually buy it. And this month my goal is to not buy anything that could be considered "clutter" since we are trying to learn to live in this smaller space for a while.

We have a ton of grapefruits from our tree this year -- and my new drink of choice is The Salty Dog.

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