Christmas for Momma! 2018 Gift Guide

I know you hear it all the time - but I bet any mom that you know and have to buy a gift for doesn't take enough time for herself. Mostly because there isn't enough time in the day. All of these gifts are little ways that to encourage self-care. Sometimes we just need to have the right tools available.

Here is my Christmas gift guide for the momma's this year.

Binge-Watching Beauty Kit - Because if the momma you know is anything like me - she doesn't binge watch TV like she used to. Include a note that promises to give her some kid-free time to binge watch her favorite show. No cleaning or working expected or allowed!

Dry Brush Kit - It's winter and for most of us dry skin is a total bummer this time of year. If you've gotta a momma or momma friend who hates dry skin get her some dry brushing goodies. This brush from Anthropologie is basic but good. I like the Arbonne Rescue & Renew Detox Oil to go with it.

Hair straightener Brush - If the momma you are shopping for spends time straightening her hair - think about getting a Hair Straightener Brush. I'm obsessed with getting to trying one of these to see if it is any easier than using a straightener/flat iron. This one has pretty good reviews on Amazon.

Birdies Shoes - I just LOVE these slippers. I can't choose a favorite. Probably The Starling in Black Crystal or The Phoebe in Black Bow. Use this link to get $20 off through their website. The slippers are also available at Nordstroms.

Pastel Ombre Zodiac Sign Stemless Wine Glass - I love this wine glass. I'm not a total zodiac/astrology nut - but I'm a true Gemini none the less and the pastel ombre is a great bonus. And they were pretty inexpensive last time I checked - so pair it with a really nice bottle of wine. To make it complete.

Warm Comfy Robe - I had been on the search for a good robe for ages and found a great one Peacock Alley one at Tuesday Morning over the summer. It's been great to be able to put it one for an added layer around the house. This Hotel Collection one from Macy's looks like a great option and so does this UGG one also from Macy's.

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