Menu Planning (I'm Back!): Week of Aug 6

I'm on a mission to get organized - because with school starting and soccer starting ... and everything else starting soon, I know my life is about to get 10x more crazy.

So part of that is going back to meal planning. It really makes my life simpler. And posting it here every week makes me actually plan. Also, I'm going to start trying the Keto Diet... so I'm having to plan out and research what I can have and can't have.

Anyways, here is the basic plan for the week:

Monday: Spinach and Feta Casserole (almond flour instead of regular)
Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs (but no spaghetti for me!)
Wednesday: Grilled Bourbon Chicken
Thursday: Pizza night (cauliflower crust for me!)
Friday: Lemon Herb-Parmesan Crusted Salmon and asparagus
Saturday: Spinach Chicken Casserole
Sunday: Evening out!

As always, there are more menu plans over at Orgjunkie! Happy Monday, friends!

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