Happy Weekend. Finally. Friday 6/22

The fact that I am actually getting a blog post finished this week is a small miracle. We leave for Greece in a little over a week... and I am stress to the max. Literally. This blog post is a low priority but it relaxes me a bit in between work, packing and oh being a mom and wife. And it's breaking 100 degrees this weekend. So - pool time!

Anyways, I've managed to find a handful of links I liked this week to share. Check them out:

I got Lucille a comic book version of Anne of Green Gables to get her introduced to the characters. So when I saw this compilation of Gilbert scenes... I just loved it!

Steal the looks from your favorite 80s and 90s Rom-Coms.

I'm loving so much of the Topshop stuff right now at Nordstroms. Especially all the big buttons.

I love Amazon and all - but $2,472 in 3 months?? OMG.

9 fire-resistant plants to check out.

Happy weekend!

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