Teaching Kids Agriculture

Today is National Ag Day. We aren't a farm family - but I love showing the kids where their food comes from and we've visited a few working farms with them in their time. There are Ag Day events at the Capitol - but even if you don't get out to that - I've still pulled together some fun stuff to check out to celebrate.

Consider having your kids start a veggie garden if you don't have one already. Get some seeds and starter kits and plant away. Then move them outside once they sprout and have the kids water and watch. It's amazing to plant something and then get to eat it after all your hard work. It is a great lesson for kids.

These are two great book lists one for farm animal books and the other for gardening related books for kids.

Take them to a Farmers' Market - and let them pick out some goodies. Talk with them about where the various farms are located.

We listened to a great podcast story from Circle Round this morning that was perfect for Ag Day too: Share and Share Alike.

Or just make them laugh with a joke like this:

"What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? It's pasture bedtime."

Happy Ag Day!

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