Holiday Gift Guide: For the dudes

Sometimes the guys in my life (my dad, my husband, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law(s), etc.) are easy to shop for and sometimes they aren't. Sometimes I find presents that I think would be so cool - if only I knew someone with a particular hobby or interest.

That's why gift guides are so fun. I love browsing other blogs gift guides for ideas and sharing unique finds on my blog. Here are some of the more unique finds for the dudes.

For the nature/music lover. This Solid Wood Speaker amplifies sound without any actual power. If you know someone who likes to be outside (camping maybe?) but also enjoys music - this seems like a great unique gift with a beautiful design element as well.

For the outdoorsman. Or maybe the wannabe outdoorsman. The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs gives you the "how-to" for predicting the weather, finding water or tracking animals. (If you want more book ideas, check out my book gift guide list!)

For the looker. Ok, just kidding. Really I'd bet that any guy could use some self-care like hims provides - but any of the guys on your list that are concerned about appearances or health - would like this brand. The multivitamins and the DHT shampoo are two of the recommended products to consider gifting. And the minimalist labeling is perfect, too.

For the active dad. My husband is constantly outside playing with the kids and lately baseball has been all the rage in our home. Even in the cold. I put a baseball glove on Gus' Christmas list and my husband said "What about me?" It doesn't have to be a baseball glove - but something that can make playing with the little ones, more fun and engaging.

For the reader. I know I did a whole post earlier on books for gifts - but I've got a recommendation for the guys specifically. If I Never Get Back by Darryl Brock. A time travel/baseball-themed book that both my husband and my dad loved. It's not a mainstream book that everyone has read - so even though it is old you still might be safe getting this as a gift. Well worth checking out for any baseball and book lover.

For the sentimental one. My husband and I used to play cribbage (before kids) it is totally something I'd like to do again if our work schedules and children ever allow it. I think something like a nice, personalized cribbage board would be something sentimental for us - maybe even inspiring us to play again.

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