Christmas Cards.

Ok, so a little confession here. I'm so far behind this year it isn't even funny. My to-do list is longer than ever. And not to scare you, but Christmas is basically 2 weeks away.

Well today, is National Christmas Card day. Which only reminds me that I've yet to find a good picture for a card - let alone order anything. Ah, well. Mine might be a New Years card this year.

If you're behind like me, I've got some fun finds here for you to check out. These have been some of my favorite cards so far on my hunt. Note, some of them are New Years cards - because if you're as late as I am - it just might happen that way. ;)

Folk Tree (Mpix) | Heaven and Nature Sing (Etsy) | Peace, Love & Joy (Paper Culture) | Happiest Wishes to You (Minted) | Spread Cheer (Minted) | Joy Love (Tinyprints) | Happiest Ever (Tinyprints)

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