Best Posts of 2017.

As the year comes to a close - I decided to look back on my posts these year and see which ones were the most popular. It's been such a busy and kind of tough year for me. I'm still feeling a little dazed about the current political environment, #MeToo gives me hope for a better future but makes me concerned for my children if nothing changes. My work life has exploded - making me work through being a full-time working momma. On a positive note, I read 30+ books this year! Back to the amount I was reading pre-babies. So much has happened this year.

In case you missed one of these gem posts from 2017 - here are my top 4 posts:

Yelling: How and Why I'm Trying to Break the Habit

immigrants. (and a giveaway)

Travel Bags for Kids

Parenting in Pain... A true story

Stay tuned for more fun end of the year stuff!

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