Have a simple weekend. 8/11

Simplicity. I crave it these days. Everything is so chaotic and busy. And while I am having a good time, I still some times just wish we could all slow down. Put down our phones for a whole weekend. Have time to relax in a hot tub for a few hours.... Maybe another Asha Bath trip is in order.

Give your abs a workout - this video will have you laughing.

I'm a melon pomelo, how about you? 

Blame it on the mom brain.

Mermaid bracelets. Lucille would love this. She had a sweater that had reversible sequins and she is so sad that it is too small now. I see one of these in her future.

Meteor showers will peak this weekend! Are you letting your kids stay up to see them?

I totally have vacation on my mind. Anyone else?

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