Get unruffled.

Do you know why parenting is so dang hard? Because you come face-to-face with parts of you that you may not like so much.

But you know why is rewarding? Because these amazing little people help you grow into a better person. And if you f* up? They are always ready to forgive.

I'm always open to talking about the challenges I'm going through - mostly because I always feel better after sharing a challenge and hearing similar stories. It makes me feel normal. So I figure if I share my challenges here - maybe someone else will read them and feel normal too.

 I also love a good parenting podcast - for the same reason. And I've found a new one. Unruffled. If you're going to listen for the first time - check out one of my favorite episodes: When Your Kids Won't Give You a Break.

These are nice and short - around 15-25 minutes each and Janet Lansbury shares a letter or comment or question that she has received and answers it. I just read the title of each episode and if I think it might apply to my life and situation - I listen. She has such smart advice and I am thinking about checking out her books as well.

A few things she has said the resonate with me:

Kids are always ready to forgive and move forward. So its never too late to improve your parenting.

You don't have to explain to kids over and over again why you are setting limits. They probably remember that "Hitting is bad... and you could hurt someone" you can just tell them that you are going to remove them from that situation because they aren't able to handle their impulses, etc.

Kids need to see that you are in charge and that you can handle breakdowns and emotions that they might have. Getting them to stop having a breakdown is not as important as showing that it isn't going to get you "ruffled" {Hence, the name of the podcast, I think.}

Anyways, that may seem like a bit of rambling - but my point is - this podcast is GREAT. Check it out! And, I'd love to know what you think as well.


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