Things to Do: July 2017

I can't believe it is July. I'm literally 1/2 asleep as I write this, trying to balance work/home and my blog isn't easy. But I'm going to struggle through and keep it going. We did a lot of fun stuff in June and I think July will be fun too.

July 1: Free Fishing Day! - Ever wanted to take your kids fishing but don't want to buy a license for something that they might only spend 2 minutes doing? Take advantage of California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Free Fishing Days. They will have another one September 2, too.

July 1-3: Folsom Pro Rodeo - I have never been to the Folsom Pro Rodeo - but I hear it is one of the best to attend. One of these days I'd love to take my kids to a rodeo.

July 2: International Day - A day celebrating different cultures, dance, and traditions at Fairytale Town. Free with membership. Too bad they won't have any Greek dancers. Maybe next year.

July 4: Arden Park Bike Parade - There are a TON of 4th of July activities all over - so I'm just highlighting the one that we'll be at. I remember doing this race as a kid and just loved it. Especially getting my bike all decorated. 

July 8: Sound of Music Sing-a-Long - I have this WHOLE movie memorized. And I have since I was like 6 years old. I'm obviously not the only one. I'd love to get my kids to this event one year. The Crest Theater is always a great location too.

July 9: Sol Kids Day - So much of this sounds awesome. I mean a hip hop/theater show for kids 0-10? Sounds amazing. I'm bummed we won't be here for it.

July 14-30: California State Fair - I mean, how can you miss this? It is one of my favorite things about living here. We'll take the kids for at least one day... maybe a few. If you want to know more about how we do the State Fair - check out my post from last year.

July 20: Big Trucks Summer - Garbage Trucks - Hosted by City of Roseville, every Thursday they have a "big trucks" event that include story time and hands-on time. This Thursday is the Garbage Truck theme at Maidu Park in Roseville. Gus would just love this.

July 30: Music in the Park, Bad Catz - This Music in the Park opportunity is at Curtis Park. If that's your 'hood or you live nearby - consider checking this event out. The band is a rhythm and blues/rock band. And just for the kids, guess who's opening for them? Mr. Cooper!

Hope you have a great July! If you know an event in the area you want to share - please do so in the comments.

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