Don't forget to Write.

Life has been a hectic whirlwind lately - and I apologize (or maybe you're welcome?) for leaving you out of it. To say we've been busy is an understatement. My workload for the summer is about tripled and I'm putting in easily 40 plus hours a week. The kids are in the summer program at their preschool full time. Which they LOVE, thank god. We are selling our house. This neon sign below? That seems to be my life motto this summer.

A run down of all that is on our plates right now:

We are packing up all our stuff for storage... moving into what I am calling our temporary summer cottage. It's cozy and a bit tight - but at least the yard is big and the pool is refreshing. 

Gus is at a weird stage. He wants to wear underwear yet refuses to use the potty. He screams and swats at us. (Luckily only us.) He is stubborn. He is in between the nap and no-nap phase, making him miserable at dinner time. But he loves to color. And swim. And cuddle. I guess he's just a normal almost 3-year-old. But this mom is ready for some more stability.

 I am trying to have some resemblance of a summer - and we have done some great weekend trips. Glamping at Nevada City's Inn Town Campground. A weekend up at Shaver Lake. Hopefully the State Fair this weekend. But our time is crunched.

As a result, this blog has suffered. I'm once again faced with the thought "Do I really have enough time to keep this up?" I don't know yet what that answer is. I hope it is "yes" because I love writing. And I'm not ready to give up. Not quite yet. 

So stay tuned... More to come. Hopefully.

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