Today is a BIG day.

Do you know why today is a BIG day? Because it's the Big Day of Giving in Sacramento. Which means it is a great time to appreciate some of the amazing organizations we have in our area that do really great things.

There are so many great organizations in the area and I'd like to challenge all my local readers to give to a new organization that you've never given to before. If you accept my challenge tell me in the comments which organization it was and maybe I'll give something to it too!

I've got a few organizations that I want to share with you too.

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom - I'm a city girl. But I have grown to have such an appreciation for the ag community. I've worked closely with many farmers throughout my career and wish I had half the energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge that they have. But the big thing is, I hope my kids can get taught about agriculture at their city schools. I hope they can learn about life and growth and stewardship. This organization helps get those Ag lessons into the class. Super important, if you ask me.

Food Literacy Center - Another awesome organization that helps kids learn about food. The Food Literacy Center helps teach nutrition to low-income elementary students. Eating healthy is important - but can be a challenge for some. It's important to teach kids what foods make your body healthy and grow.  One of my clients, the California Rice Commission is matching donations too!

Burrowing Owl Preservation Society - In case you didn't know, I LOVE owls. And Burrowing Owls are one of my favorite species. But a lot of their habitat has been turned into homes for people - and this organization helps protect them and their habitat. Hoot, hoot.

acme theatre company - For youth and run by youth - this Davis theatre company is worth noticing and supporting. Learning through doing. I just love that. Because that's how it should be for all of us. With so much of the arts getting cut from public schools - programs like these are important now more than ever.

WarmLine Family Resource Center - This amazing place provides resources and events for families with children with special needs. These events provide an opportunity for all these kids to come together and find a sense of community.

None of these strike your fancy? Look through all the nonprofits on the Big Day of Giving website and find something new to support. This is a great day to support our community!

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