Summer Reading List

So I have three ways that I "read" books. The old fashion way (holding an actual book), ebooks and audiobooks. I use to think that you couldn't count audiobooks as reading - but I'm a busy lady and spend time in the car or working at my computer and I can listen while I do both of these. It really upped the number of books I can get through in a year.

It seems like there are a good amount of books out this year that I'm interested so I picked 6 books that I'd like to read this Summer. That's such a big goal for me these days. But I'm going for it! Here are the 6 I'm going to try for this year.

A Bridge Across the Ocean: This is audiobook #1 for the summer. I basically went through Modern Mrs. Darcy's summer reading list and picked the first one that was available without a wait list. I'm already a little less than 1/2 way through it - at chapter 15. I actually really like this book - and it's hard to say if I would like it as well if I was reading it. But anyways - so far so good. I think I'll at least finish this one on time. haha.

Libertarians on the Prairie: I'm reading this one on my Kindle after I got a pretty good deal on it. I just started it - but it isn't very long and I'm interested to hear more about one of my favorite authors (Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

Dreamland Burning: Another book from Modern Mrs. Darcy's summer reading list. This was the first one currently available at my library - so I requested it. I haven't picked it up yet - but I'm looking forward to reading this. Modern Mrs. Darcy says she read it in one afternoon. So I should be able to finish it in one summer. Right?

In Farleigh Field: Another book I will read on my Kindle. I won this book for my Kindle on Goodreads - and of course, British and World War II have me interested.

Every Wild Heart: Again, found from Modern Mrs. Darcy. A story inspired of the host of "Delilah After Dark" (Anyone else remember that late night radio show?) I'm intrigued. Will probably read the actual book (but might audiobook it if available when I finish A Bridge Across the Ocean.)

The Perfect Stranger: Because I had to have one suspense/thriller book on my Summer list. Another book I'll probably just get from the library. It was also on Modern Mrs. Darcy's list.

Ok, what are you planning to read this summer? Want more grown-up book recommendations and ideas? Join me over on Goodreads!

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