Great America for the little kids

We had an amazing weekend recently. The folks at Great America invited us to come out and enjoy the park (on them!) for a blogger event - and I am so glad we decided to go. We opted for waking up early and driving in the morning (instead of getting a hotel the night before) and it worked out perfectly. Early Saturday morning traffic heading into the Bay Area is basically nonexistent so we were easily parked and ready before the gates even opened at 10:00 a.m.

I hadn't been to Great America since I was a teenager, so I wasn't sure what to expect and had no idea what our little 4 and nearly 3-year-olds would be able to do, but I knew they'd love seeing Snoopy and friends and the carousel at least.

Of course, Lucille loved seeing Snoopy and Lucy when we walked in the gate! We headed to the little kid area called "Planet Snoopy" and started exploring. The kids had so much fun on the rides in that area. Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie, Peanuts 500 and the Kite Eating Tree were all big hits. We went on the Crabbie Cabbie twice.

They also loved the little construction zone playground area with slides and climbing structures.

The park hosted lunch for the whole family (and the other bloggers) and showed off some of the food choices they had. The kids LOVED the fried chicken and tater tots and I personally loved the Mac n Cheese served in a cone. They even gave the kids dolls - that they haven't put down since.

After lunch, we headed back out for a few more rides before heading home.

The kids loved the Eagle's Flight gondola ride and really loved the upper level of the double-decker carousel that is right in front. There were actually some family/kid rides we didn't get around to this time that we'd love to try the next time around.

Both kids napped the whole way home - making the entire trip a HUGE success.

Lucille is already asking when we are going back. A big thanks to Great America for providing us with this experience and the excellent service!

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