Happy Easter Weekend! 4/14

Happy Easter to all! Hope you are ready for a fun, family filled holiday. I am.

I just finished my taxes, we all seem to finally be in o.k. health (cross your fingers) and I am busy trying to pack the house so we can sell it and do my full-time work on a part-time schedule. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Working from home is not easy. Don't let anyone fool you.

Lucille at Oaks Amusement Park from our recent road trip to Portland! More on that trip coming soon...

Need some entertainment till your weekend begins? Here are some of my favorite finds this week.

An excavator book from the author of Llama, llama series. (Out in June but you can pre-order!)

5 tips for last-minute tax filing.

Under-dogs. They mean it literally, btw.

How to improve your productivity at work. I could improve mine by not being surrounded by kids. Working for home is NOT easy, FYI.

9 things to ask Siri that your kids will find hilarious.

P.S. Sorry for the absence lately. It's been a tad crazy around here lately. More to come, I promise.

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