Four years a mother.

I can hardly believe it. I've been a mother for four years. Looking at my baby girl today, rereading my post from when she turned one (and watching the adorable video I did for her first year) makes me nostalgic. But it also makes me so excited for the future.

Four is a big step. I've seen a difference in her the last month or so. She is starting to speak up more which I think is a good thing (even if that means she gets into a little more trouble.) She gets subtle humor. She can tell a knock knock joke. She loves learning, especially numbers and all about animals.

She can (officially) go see musicals with us. The Music Circus is doing Beauty and the Beast this year and as part of our subscription package to the Broadway shows next year my mom and I will take Lucille to see Finding Neverland.

She can do so much on her own. She gets dressed, brushes her teeth, loves to have daddy floss her teeth, she takes showers and she can pretty much get her own cereal for breakfast. She loves folding laundry and helping set the table.

Basically, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Parenting is challenging and I am always learning how to be the best at it as we move from stage to stage. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. But I sure am glad that Lucille made me a mommy four years ago. And I look forward to all she is going to teach me this year and all I can teach her.

*A big thanks to her teacher at school for getting me this picture too!*

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