Trail mix for the kids

It was one of those days. I was unable to find anything that was occupying the kids for more than 2 minutes. Every time I got one settled, the other one was saying "Mommm, momm, mooooom...." And I had a few little things I just couldn't seem to get done.

One thing I do at times like this, is to take a break and do some sort of project or activity with them. Because to be honest, maybe they just need mommy time and that's understandable. So this time, I decided to have them make trail mix. I figured that would also distract them for a bit afterwards, because they'd be eating it too.

I put out bowls of things they like: chopped up dried apricots, Cheerios, chocolate chips, and the chocolate granola mix from Trader Joe's. I got a box of yogurt raisins for Gus and a box of plain for Lucille (their preference).

Then I called them over, handed them bags and let them mix it up how ever they wanted to. Gus wanted extra chocolate granola and Lucille wanted extra dried apricots.

Then I laid out a blanket and told them to have a trail mix picnic.

Gus sat and ate all of his bag in one sitting. Lucille was back saying "moooom, mom, moooooommmy..." a little too soon but it was a good activity anyways and a perfect snack.

We will be doing this again, maybe before our next road trip.

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