Lucille's Book Reviews: When Rain Falls and more.

We've taken back another round of library books - and Lucille wanted to share her thoughts on these books (as did I) so we have another group of book reviews! Again, she said she liked all of these - but I'll give you insight into the ones she liked best.

If you want to see her first round of book reviews - check them out here.

Everywhere Babies

This is a board book and both kids liked to look at the pictures of the babies throughout. Gus and Lucille both asked to reread this book a few times.

Me: Did you like this book?
Lucille: Yah.
Me: Why do you like it?
Lucille: I like that it has babies. And the baby at the end eats all the cake.

When Rain Falls

This has been a perfect book for all the storms we've been getting lately in northern California. It is a good winter/spring book for the kids - talking about animals and what they do when it rains.

Me: Did you like this book?
Lucille: Yah.
Me: Why do you like it?
Lucille: The elf owl in this book lives in the cactus and the squirrels puts their "long bushy tails" {the exact wording from the book} over their heads to keep dry.
Gus: I like the owl!


To be honest, I wasn't so impressed with this book - but Lucille LOVED it. I think because we don't really go to the snow at all - she has a fascination with it. Every time we read it she says "Sigh. I wish we could go to the snow."

Me: Did you like this book?
Lucille: Yah.
Me: What's your favorite part?
Lucille: The use lots of stuff on the snowman. They use strawberries and raisins!

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

So this was the opposite of Snowballs. I loved it and thought it was hilarious - but I think the humor went over Lucille's (and Gus' head.)

Me: Do you like this book?
Lucille: Yes. But we only read it once. {Note: That is true. And I asked her every night we had it if she wanted to read it and she said no. Which is why I think she didn't like it so much.}
*So we reread it before I ask the next question.
Me: Did you like it still? Why?
Lucille: It's funny. Because of the dinosaurs.

A Ride on Mother Back

This one is pretty long. But both Gus and Lucille sat through me reading the whole thing numerous times. Which I think means it was a big hit. I love that it talks about cultures and the similarities in baby carrying no matter where you live.

Me: Do you like this book?
Lucille: Uh-huh.
Me: What's it about?
Lucille: Mommies and babies and how mommies all over the countries carry babies. Oh, and older sisters carry babies too!

Ok, that was the next set. We got a handful more books - talking about night animals and spring and birds. So stay tuned for another review!

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