Have a happy Friday. 3/3

You know all those strange holidays for every day of the year? Well, today is "I want you to be happy" day. Such a nice simple sentiment. So that's what I'm wishing for all my readers and friends and family today. Good thoughts for you all.

If you need some reads to get to the weekend - here are my favorite things from the week.

We've been cutting screen time. So I appreciate this article on finding a healthy balance with media and technology.

Part of cutting T.V. time has been playing more music. Our favorite has been Elizabeth Mitchell this week.

I love the "Little People, Big Dreams" book series for kids. And they just released a new one on an amazing crime writer, Agatha Cristie.

Wine-infused coffee. What? I'm not so sure but I do love both...

The Austin 100 - a SXSW preview.

Happy Friday - wishing a happy weekend for you all!

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