Goodbye, March! 3/31

It seems like just yesterday, I was writing "Hello, March!" This year is just zooming by. April is a big month for us. We'll be visiting my sister in Portland, celebrating Easter, celebrating 6 years of marriage and celebrating my baby girl turning 4! So much happening!

The last few weeks have been rough for us. Full of coughing. I'm hoping that April brings better health to all of us. And more time for bubbles.

If you're as excited about April as I am - but need some help getting through your Friday - here are some of my favorite finds from this week.

Men get photoshopped like women do. And don't like it.

Boost your mood in the morning.

50 questions to ask your child (instead of "how was your day?")

8 simply way to upgrade your beauty routine (I want to try many of these things.)

Easy suppers for dinners in April.

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