Love is Love is Love. Friday 2/10

It's Valentine's Day weekend - and regardless of how you feel about the holiday - I hope your weekend is filled with love. My husband and I are hoping for a date night (we haven't had one in about 4 months.) And my kids are excited to work on valentines for their school exchange.

Hope you have a great weekend. Here are a few things I've loved reading or seeing this week.

Victoria. I just love this queen stuff. I've watched all of The Crown and this is a perfect follow up.

Money moves every woman should make by the time she's 40.

Have Valentine's plans and forget the wine? Check out Saucey. Alcohol delivery in under 1-hour. Oh, my.

We had Chicken Carrot Noodle Bowls for dinner Monday and it was amazing. No noodles - just carrots. Yum.

7 of Earth's most spectacular forests. I've never been to any. Not even Sequoia - which is literally, right here. Gotta get on it.

Lunar Eclipse, Snow Moon and a Comet. All this weekend.

Happy weekend! Spread some love this weekend. <3 p="">SaveSave

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