Remembering the little moments

It can be so HARD. I say this a lot these days. Sometimes I am talking about my life. Sometimes I am saying to my 3.5-year old who is having an emotional breakdown because I won't give her Ice Cream at 7:30 am. Sometimes I'm talking to a friend about something completely unrelated to children.

Because at some point it can feel that way for all of us. But there are all these AMAZING and wonderful little moments that surround those hard parts. And so often, those little moments are lost and forgotten. No longer in our heads when we need them the most.

This year - if you follow me on Instagram you can expect to see a little more documentation of those moments. I am going to be writing longer posts about little things I want to remember. Things the kids say, things the kids do. And I'm going to be grabbing my real camera more to capture it.

But the next step in the process is what makes those memories easy to go back to. All those posts will get the hashtag #TheMartinBunch17 and will automatically be loaded into my Chatbooks subscription. And every 60 photos, I can print a book. For $8.

If you haven't tried Chatbooks yet - sign up at this link and get your first book in a subscription free! Yippie!

And of course, follow along with all these little moments (like the bath picture above!) of ours over at @emartini68 on Instagram.

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