Puppet Theater: Easy DIY

Lucille has really been into telling stories lately and really loves the handful of puppets that she has. I thought it would be fun for her to have a theater where she and Gus could tell each other stories and after a quick look at different types - I really liked the sheet type that hangs in a doorway or hallway.

The idea that it would be really easy to take down, fold up and put away was what sold me. My favorite one that I found for sale - was this Travel Hanging Puppet Theater from Land of Nod. And really, for $39 - it's a great price.

But I decided it would be fun to involve Lucille in making our own and I thought with a curtain we don't use, some iron-on letters and extra material scraps  - we could do it on our own. And we did in just a few hours!

The curtain we had was already a great length - about 60 inches long - so we didn't have to cut the bottom of it. We measured to the middle of our curtain and cut a square out of it. Lucille picked the striped material from my pile of extra material scraps for the curtains. I measured them and hand-sewed them onto the top of the window.

Then we used a hot glue gun to add ribbon to cover my not so great hand-sewing job and to line the bottom and tie the curtains.

Lastly, Lucille decided she wanted it to say "Lucille and Gus' Puppet Show" but we didn't have enough letters on hand for the word "puppet" so she decided on "Lucille and Gus' Show" instead of waiting another day to go get more letters.

And then we were done! They have loved it. Lucille immediately wanted to invite all her friends over to put on puppet shows. They played with it with their older cousins - and it's already been a ton of fun.

This is just my type of project. It just used stuff we had around the house and it took only a few hours to complete. If I can do it - you can do it!

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