Books for Your Train Loving 2-3 Year Old

We have so. many. children's books. For a really long time, Gus had about 3 books that he would let you read all the way through: Freight Train, Trains Go and My Big Train Book. See a theme? Yah, we did too - and we loaded up on all books train.

Here are so of his favorites which now he will sit through. And ask for again and again.

The Little Engine That Could (Board Book edition - it's shorter) | Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo | The Caboose Who Got Loose | Stop, Train, Stop! A Thomas the Tank Engine Book | The Little House | All Aboard the Dinotrain |

I would say that his recent favorite is The Caboose Who Got Loose. It is a really cute book. And long. I'm amazed how he sits for the whole thing and then asks for it again.

While The Little House is not a "train" book - Gus loves it - so I thought other kids with similar book taste might too.

What are your little ones favorite books? Any train ones I should add to the collection? I'd love to hear from you.

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