Activism for all.

Warning: This post is not for everyone. I'm aware that most people don't come to a mom-blog to read about politics and activism. But, this blog didn't begin as a mom-blog.

So if politics aren't your thing, or you're happy with the way things are going - this post isn't for you. Stay tuned for more kids stuff, recipes and fun. I have more of that coming soon.

My whole life I've been involved in politics and the Wonkette in me just won't die. I've had many discussions with friends lately about politics and had many people say they want to be more active and involved in a sort of resistance - but don't know how to get active.

Here are three of my favorite resources for ideas on what I can do to make a difference. Don't feel like you have to do everything. Do what make sense for the issues that mean the most to you and what you are comfortable with.

My Civic Workout.  This awesome site sends you an email with a "5-minute Workout" a "10-minute Workout" and a "30-minute Workout" of how you can be part of a movement.

The 65. This site has a weekly call to action. It also has a section with scripts on many of the topics of concern. Easy to navigate.

wall-of-us.  Four actions every week that you can take.  These can be as easy as reading an article or watching a video. It's not all about calling your representatives - especially if your representatives are already standing up and saying "no." This site is my favorite because it actually provides me with tips and things I feel like I can do.

These two articles are examples of what I've found through wall-of-us: Seven reasons for optimism and coping mechanisms from a licensed therapist.

And be sure to read: How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind if you haven't already. It's got some great advice.

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