Holiday Cocktail Hunt

One year, my sister found a holiday cocktail recipe in the in-flight magazine on her way here for Christmas and it was great. We've had trouble locating that recipe ever since - and we seem to end up trying to make some crazy Christmas cocktail with whatever is in the liquor cabinet ever year.

So I'm trying to be a little more prepared this year - and hunting down some holiday cocktails that sound like they would be worth trying. All of these sound pretty delicious.

Pomegranate Sangria | Cranberry Caipirinha | Sparkling Shiraz Punch (no picture) | Cranberry Moscow Mule | Pear Martini | Christmas Mojito | Spiced Cranberry Orange Prosecco Punch |

Any other suggestions?

Stay tuned on social media (Instagram, Snapchat (emartini68), Twitter or Facebook) and see which one(s) we try.

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