Friday Favorites: Some Positivity

First off, Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you to all that have served our country. Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

Despite all the sadness and negativity in the world lately - there are some amazing, and positive stuff out there too.

That is what I share with you this week.

6 Women Who Won Historic Firsts (Including California's own Kamala Harris.)

Sunday's full moon - in pagan traditions is a time to take note of what you don't want in your life anymore. Take this as a chance to make your life more positive.

The powerful reason Americans are wearing safety pins.

Can't Hurry Love: Rare snail finds romance after a global search.

A list of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Orgs that need your support.

The Hamilton Mixtape. You can listen to some of the songs including the timely "Immigrants" on my Spotify playlist below.


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