Thanks, Mom.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I've done a post before about some of the important lessons that my mom taught me growing up. But the more I have to deal with my OWN kids, the more thankful I am for my time with her growing up.

I am 99.9% sure that I didn't say thank you enough as a kid. Mostly because I am sure that as kids we don't really understand why our parents are doing most of the things they are doing so kids don't know well enough to say thank you. But I'll say it now.

Thank you mom - for all your handwork to keep our family running smoothly. For all the vacations and experiences you gave me. For ALL that help with my math homework. For teaching me how to wash windows, polish silver and sew. For encouraging me and for loving me - even when I skipped class or lied about my grades. And an special thank you for waking me up for school every morning - even though I was a TOTAL grump.

Thank you for helping me with the kids - pretty much every day - and for being more patient and calm than I am. Thank you for watching Lucille while Jonny and I worked for the first year of her life - and for helping watch Gus when Lucille had started preschool and I needed some more time to get my work done.

Thank you for teaching Lucille how to fold laundry and always find ways to get the kids to help you do chores - something they don't seem to do for me much at home.

We all love you and appreciate all you do to help.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! xoxo

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