Friday Favorites! 10/14

I have been a little bit off this week. Hence, why I haven't posted since last Friday. We are all getting into the new routine around here - and I'm trying to carve out my "me" time - which is really "blog" time. So excuse the lack of posts. But I'll be back next week.

Here are my interesting finds for this week.

How to do a thought download.

The thing all women do - that you don't know about.

Looking forward to Victoria on Masterpiece. Hope I do a better job of keeping up then I did with Downton Abby.

Another guest post of mine over at Organized Mom - all about getting rid of things. You know you want to do it. ;)

And how awesome that Bob Dylan got a Nobel Prize in Literature. It might seem odd to you - but it won't seem as odd as these 37 Bob Dylan stories...

Happy Friday!

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