When Mom is Sick...

There is nothing worse than getting sick. And it seems that right after writing my post about being a work-at-home mom for 2 years - I got a cold. UGH. Of course, when moms get sick - it doesn't mean much to anyone in the household. My kids are still my kids. They are still going to need breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are still going to want to get out and do things. They are still going to want to play with me and jump and climb on me.

So for me, like other moms, I move back and forth between DayQuil and NyQuil. I'm in a haze but still functioning. I swear it make the cold just last longer. The kids got to watch more TV then normal and I don't even remember what we ate some nights.

Over a week later, as I write this, I still feel the congestion in my head. But it's clearing and now it is time for me to catch up - on work, cleaning and all the other stuff that I just haven't been doing. Like blogging. It is also time for me to grab a container of Lysol wipes and go through the house disinfecting everything. Because I really, really don't want this to just keep going around our house.

A big thanks to my husband for letting me actually get some sleep on the days he had off.

So as we move into Fall and cold season - I hope you avoid being mom-sick. And I really hope, that this is the only cold I get. Knock on wood. Here's to a season of good health!

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