For the love of harvest and books

Even though I am a city girl, through and through -- I absolutely love reading, learning and exploring farm life. It is amazing to me all the hard work that goes into harvesting crops and feeding so many people. It seems to me that it would be such an amazing feeling to know that what you grow helps people grow and live healthy lives.

In my business world, I love working with the agriculture and rural organizations and businesses. And I love to share what I learn and see with my family and because of that the kids have grown to love it too. Harvest and Fall are so closely related - and books are a great way to explore topics with kids.

I've shared before some of my favorite fall books - and have another set to share now. Many of these we've gotten from the library first and then if they are really, great books that Lucille loves - I'll buy for our collection.

Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie - This is a favorite of Lucille's. Its fun because it lists all the fun names of types of apples and includes a delicious, simple apple pie recipe. Amelia Bedelia books are always fun and this one is no different.

Goodby Summer, Hello Autumn - This book was a library rental and is just beautiful. I think I appreciated it a little more than Lucille - but she requested it a few times at bedtime and we talked about all the things that change as the seasons change.

Apple Farmer Annie - This is a book you will see on lots of lists about Fall and harvest. We got it from the library - but we'll be buying our own copy soon. Lucille loved it especially because of the mention of "Granny Smith apples" (which they also mention in the Amelia Bedelia book.)

The Little Scarecrow Boy - From Margaret Wise Brown - this book is just lovely. Not totally "fall" theme - except I think that scarecrows ties it in well enough.

The Roll-Away Pumpkin - I haven't gotten this book but the reviews and the pictures look great. Our library didn't have it so I ordered it from Amazon and I'm waiting to check it out.

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! - Lucille loves the "If you Give..." series by Laura Numeroff. So this was an automatic win for us. It's always a good place to start when you want theme books to go with a character that the kids already like.

Llama Llama Trick or Treat - Another one that is an automatic win in our house - the "llama llama" books. Lucille likes to read these year round.

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus - Lucille learned this at preschool and LOVED it. So we bought the book and she always makes me recite it in the car too. Gus has a new obsession with Wheels on the Bus - so I think he'll like it this year too.

Little Blue Truck's Halloween - This is new to the Little Blue Truck series this year - and I think Gus will love it. I just ordered it from Amazon and I'm waiting for its arrival - but he likes the series and really anything with trucks, buses or trains.

If you missed the Fall themed books I shared a few years ago - check those out too! What are your favorite books for Harvest / Fall?

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