Olympics with Littles

I am so excited for the Summer Olympics - but I also realized this is the first one I'll have to watch with kids. Meaning, I probably won't be watching much. I liked this article on what kids will remember from watching the olympics with you.

To get them a little bit excited about it so we can maybe at least watch a few things - I thought I'd compile some books and other things that other parents might want to check out too.

Ok, books first. Some of the books we got from the library - but since I grew up with Nadia I ordered a copy of that one for Lucille to enjoy.

Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn't Sit Still / Babar's Celesteville Games / Olympics! / The Mud Flat Olympics / Winners Never Quit

Videos can be helpful too. My kids love Peppa Pig and there are two episodes that standout to watch and talk about the olympics. The first is the Swimming episode, because Daddy Pig does a lovely dive without splashing. Second one is Sports Day.

Crafts of course are always fun. I love this Olympic rings painting idea. Lucille loves doing "projects" when Gus is sleeping. Something special for bigger kids. This is short and easy - which is perfect for a three year old.

Color pages are another way. I like this torch runner. The famous olympians coloring pages might be good for kids a little older than might who get into the "who's who."

Having a world map or globe is also going to be important because Lucille likes to know where countries are in comparison to us.

Anything else you are doing to get the kids involved and watching the Olympics over the next few weeks?

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