Losing the lawn.

Its official. We killed our front lawn last year because of the drought - and this year we have finally! started the transformation. We went with sheet mulching - because it seemed like an inexpensive, DIY way to change your lawn to a drought-tolerant garden.

This was a great way to get rid of all our large Amazon boxes - because we used them to lay over what little grass we had. The cardboard will help kill what grass / weeds are there and it will breakdown and add carbon back to the ground.

We order 8 cubic yards of brown mulch and added that to the top of the cardboard and now we wait. Hopefully in a few months (end of September) we can start adding some plants and paving stones to lay out a path and make the yard beautiful again.

I'm not 100% sure what we are going to be planting or the lay out yet - so that will begin soon. Lots of time will be spent on Pinterest.

The kids think it's a playground just how it is. They might have liked it even better when it was a big hill they could climb. 

Stay tuned for more updates when we get planting my goal is to make it some place that we can actually spend some time and enjoy. 

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