Morning Routines

I was not a routine lover when I was a teenager - or even into my 20's. But with a family and kids comes a lot more to do and a routine sure does make it easier to get everything done that you need to do.

Plus, I've found that they really, truly do help the kids stay focused and happy. My kids can get completely off if I get them out of routine (either morning or night.)

Over at the Money Saving Mom - Crystal did a 5 Days to a Better Morning that I followed closely to improve upon my morning routine on the days that Jonny works. We had a bit of a routine now - but nothing written down.

Part of this more official morning routine is also to get Lucille to start to take responsibility for some of the things that she needs to do in the morning. Right now - about 50% of the time she goes potty before even coming out into the kitchen / living area and the other 50% of the time I need to remind her. And remind her.

So I decided to make a really easy routine check off list that she can review and check off her self as she gets ready. I thought I would share that check off list with all of you! I just printed it as a photo at Walgreens and then laminated it - so she could just use a overhead marker and wipe it off when she is done.

Feel free to download the large jpg version of this check off list and use it as you'd like.

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