Happy Friday (and birthday week for me!)

We are well on our way into June and into summer! Hope everyone is enjoying it. If you're in Sacramento and missed my post on things to do to enjoy Sacramento in June- check it out. There are a few great things this weekend.

With my birthday earlier this week - we have been on the go a lot. Enjoying the crazy kids and beautiful weather. 

Here are some of my favorite things from this week.

Wearing a hot dog costume on princess day? I think Lucille would choose a lion, but I love the individuality.

This UK ad is on bloody target.

To moms on the brink of breaking... you are not alone.

“People are funny. They ask you a question and when you’re honest, they’re shocked.”  and more great quotes from Marilyn Monroe.

Glitter Guides' must-read list for June. (I'm just hoping to make it through ONE book this month.)

Hubby gets photo credit again: see more of his snaps on Instagram @themartinbunch. 

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