A Father's Day Q&A

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy readers out there! I actually know there are a handful of you - and I really appreciate you all. You are not daddy daycare, or babysitters or any other of the stereotypes out there. You are the best playmate, parent, diaper changer, story reader and life time supporter that our kiddos could ask for. Yah, I'm talking about you Jon Martin. :)

So! To celebrate the day - I made the husband answer some questions about fatherhood that I could share. So without further ado - here are his thoughts on fatherhood. As a funny side note, the only way I could actually ask him these questions was for me to text him. haha.

Where are some of your favorite places around Sacramento to take the kids?
Old Sacramento (train museum, river and Danny's Donuts!), Ancil Hoffman Park and all the local parks.

What is the hardest part of being a dad?
It's hard to say one thing. It's kind of like taking college final exams everyday... and just hoping not to get C's but A+'s.

What do you hope to teach Lucille?
My first thought was how to throw a fast ball and how to defend herself. But really, patience, love and kindness. And, I just want her to be happy. Those sad tears are the hardest.

What do you hope to teach Gus?
How to count cards and stay away from sleazy girls. Oh, and patience, love and kindness.

What do you miss the most since having kids?
Cuddling with you.

What is your favorite picture you've taken of the kids?
This picture taken at Lake Tahoe on a warm October day last year. 

If you think he sounds like a cool-cat you should see his Instagram account @themartinbunch. It is way better than mine. Follow along for cool, amazing images of our kiddos, trains and other Sacramento area stuff.

And again - happy happy Father's day!

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