Nebulizers, hives and runny noses, oh my.

It's Monday and like some other amazing mom bloggers - I'm going to take sometime on Mondays to talk about Motherhood.

This Monday, I'm talking sick kiddos. Gus has kept his doctors busy the past month or so - developing bronchilitis that required getting a nebulizer to help him breathe, ear infections so he had to be on amoxicillin and then developed a rash / hives all over.

Right now, he's napping and I found myself staring at him wondering if he's gonna be the sick kid his whole life. Lucille rarely gets sick and it is really just a cold or cough here or there. Gus is another matter. 

I feel like I am constantly worried about his health. He runs his self ragged - even when he needs to be resting and I feel like his immune system is just a little off. 

As moms we are programmed to worry, programmed to be able to function on very little sleep, programmed to give out cuddles and love to make things better. The past few weeks for me have been full with all those things.

But my kids are still little. Every illness is still a new experience and I must admit, I don't always know what to do. With Lucille's first fever - I learned that doctors don't recommend treating fevers unless your treating for pain. I learned that the wheezing with Gus' bronchilitis could be very serious. I learned that while rashes are scary looking for parents - they aren't as concerning to doctors unless there are other issues (wheezing, fever, etc.) 

Every sickness brings a new learning opportunity and my husband and I learn the ropes together. I am thankful for my parents to be near by and give advice, I am thankful for beaing able to email doctors so I don't feel like I'm always pestering the on-call nurses and I am thankful for after-hour appointments so I don't have to take my littles to the emergency room.

My advice for getting through these times with sick kiddos?

  • take advantage of the cuddle time. They won't always be so willing.
  • popsicles. They make everyone feel better. Even moms.
  • make tea for the kiddos. Mine just like warm water with honey. But every once in a while - I add a little of my tea. It can do wonders for kids and adults.
  • coffee. For you only of course. ;) 

My dad gave me these "words of wisdom": Just wait - soon you'll be getting calls from the school nurse's office from your kids saying they are "sick" when you know they aren't.

Way to put it all in perspective, dad.

Anyone else going through a sick time period right now? Any other advice on getting through it?

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